Super Bowl Recipes, Tips, Planning and More

Each of us at Entrée Press enjoy watching the Super Bowl for different reasons, such as: sport, entertainment, friends, food or beverage. It makes for a group event and we prepare for it like Thanksgiving, taking advantage of as many tricks and tips as we can to make it simple and complete most of the work before guests arrive.

Here are some Super Bowl “game day” favorite recipes from our “Play With Your Food” series, currently available on Amazon, as well some favorite dishes, tips and ideas gathered from the blogosphere. Each of our recipes was selected so you could prepare one in the oven, slow cooker or grill and not spend the entire day in the kitchen.

Main Dishes from Entrée Press

Only Wings: Bold and Unusual Recipes – Beer / Yogurt / Hot Sauce Wings

wings cookbook 150x150 Super Bowl Recipes, Tips, Planning and More

Only Ribs: Baby Back Rib Recipes – Cola / Habañera Baby Back Ribs (Broil)

ribs cookbook 150x150 Super Bowl Recipes, Tips, Planning and More

Only Chicken: Tastes Like (Great) Chicken! – Dried Chipped Beef Chicken Breasts (Slow Cooker)

chicken recipe book Super Bowl Recipes, Tips, Planning and More

Our Favorite Snacks and Sides

For a lighter main dish (and vegetarian), try these Tomato, Fresh Mozzarella, Roasted Red Pepper Sandwiches from (we skip tomatoes, double-up on the roasted red peppers and wrap them up tight in tortillas). Avoid buying off-the-shelf roasted red peppers: roast your own! Stock up when they’re on sale, roast ‘em up and store in jars in your refrigerator.

* * * * *

The Ultimate 7-Layer Dip from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe. This dip features black beans (one of our favorite ingredients) as the base for the dip. For a smokier flavor, we add cumin and coriander and reduce the chili powder – delicious!

If you’d rather not take the time to layer the dip, make it a black bean salsa (drain, season and warm the beans first; then add raw or frozen corn kernels for sweetness and color).

* * * * *

Roasted Tomato Soup from Thug Kitchen (Warning: this blog is highly enjoyable for us, but NSFW*). For many Americans (and Asians and Europeans), the Super Bowl is played during the coldest time of year. Keep this soup on your stove in a Dutch Oven (or slow cooker) where it can sit all day. This deeply flavored dish hides cauliflower extra nutrition (often needed on game day). Serve soup in cups or mugs for easy handling; If you have time, serve with these Grilled Cheese Croutons, courtesy of Closet Cooking.

* * * * *

Super Bowl Sunday is a perfect day for that ubiquitous store snack, Chex Mix…TRIVIA TIME!

How many varieties of Chex Mix does General Mills produce? ANSWER

As easy as bags of Chex Mix are to purchase: make your own. The packaged goods are delicious, but full of preservatives, salt, ingredients we can’t pronounce… and it’s expensive by comparison! The traditional recipe is printed on the cereal box, but here are a few variations to consider:

Explore with your own favorite flavors! We like to add extra Worcestershire sauce, Chipotle TABASCO(R) sauce and Cheerios. (Skip the nuts if one of your guests has an allergy!)


  • Is that bottle of brew too warm? A wet paper towel in the freezer will cool down a beer in two minutes.
  • If you’re serving white wine (or like your red wine chilled), freeze grapes the day before. They keep wine chilled without watering down the product and are a terrific snack.
  • If you don’t have a decanter to help your red wine breathe for a few hours before consuming, take it for a spin. Learn to aerate your wine in a flash in this video from America’s Test Kitchen.
  • Keep plenty of cold water (and sparkling water) available at all times for guests. Lime wedges, lemon wedges and mint leaves are refreshing and palate cleansing.
  • Flowers are not a good idea when you’re entertaining and serving food. However, we like to place fresh Eucalyptus in a small vase in the bathroom guests will be using. The essential oils bloom in warm air or steam (from hand washings) for a refreshing aroma.
  • Keep a box of breath mints on the table or counter. Guests will appreciate it.

When entertaining, remember: keep it simple, don’t go overboard and have a PLAN. A well thought out menu, shopping list, and preparation strategy will save you from stressing out.

Most of these dishes can be prepared in advance of kick-off to provide variety to your guests and keep you out of the kitchen on game day. Have fun and enjoy our collection of Super Bowl recipes XLVIII!

*NSWF: Not Suitable For Work