St. Patrick’s Day Menu – Authentic Recipes And More

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The shamrock refers to the young sprigs of clover or trefoil. It is known as a symbol of Ireland, with St. Patrick having used it as a metaphor for the Christian Trinity, according to legend.

We’ve combed the internet (again) for authentic recipes – as well as some newly discovered twists on tradition – to create a terrific St. Patrick’s Day menu. St. Patrick’s Day is notoriously an event for revelers, so stay at home and prepare our menu for those you love.

Origins of St. Patrick’s Day

We’re trivia people at Entrée Press and like to use knowledge to add context to our celebratory meals. Here are three things you may not have known about the man, known as Patrick.

  • St. Patrick was not actually Irish. Patrick was a nobleman born in about 400 A.D. in Britain and kidnapped by Irish pirates at the age of 16.
  • Patrick was born into a religious family but was an atheist early in his life. However, he rediscovered his faith while enslaved in Ireland,
  • After 17 years as a slave, St. Patrick escaped Ireland and found his way home, but returned to Ireland as a missionary.

USA Today shared more traditions here.

St. Patrick’s Day Menu – Recipes


We like Rachel Allen’s Traditional Soda Bread recipe. It’s one of the quickest bread recipes we’ve tried. If you don’t have buttermilk, follow this substitute tip using vinegar (or lemon juice) and milk.

Abigail’s Bakery has the history of Irish Soda bread, which has been prepared in hearths around the Emerald Isle since the 1840s.


A few of us at Entrée Press crave on occasion a classic Reuben on toasted Marble Rye bread… light on the sauerkraut. But then we discovered Reuben Egg Rolls at The Liffey in Saint Paul, MN and it opened a new reuben experience. (Sadly, the item has been removed from the menu.)

The Cooking Mom shares her Reuben Egg Roll recipe – we favor it because it adds Swiss cheese to the mix and the rolls are baked, not fried. Go for the canned sauerkraut if your deli doesn’t carry it, but seek out fresh corned beef. Try Martha Stewart’s Slow Cooker Corned Beef and Cabbage preparation. Your kitchen will smell delicious all day.

Watch Chef Robert Irvine explain the magic of Reuben Egg Rolls on “The Best Thing I Ever Ate.”

Main Course

We couldn’t post a St. Patrick’s Day menu without including Shepherd’s Pie or “Cottage Pie.” Technically, if you use only lamb or mutton, the dish is called “Shepherd’s Pie.” If you prepare it with beef or another protein, the dish is called “Cottage Pie.”

However you choose to prepare it, this Traditional Savory Pie recipe from is one of the best. The dish is rich, but wholesome, and packed with vegetables; a little red wine give it some extra depth (though that addition does make the recipe a bit less traditional). We like using a blend of ground beef, ground pork and ground lamb. Some supermarkets will package it and sell as “meatloaf mix.” If not, ask the butcher at the counter.


Baking isn’t our forte, but it doesn’t mean we’re not giving this recipe a test this year: Bailey’s Mint Chocolate Cream Pie from Grandbaby Cakes. Bailey’s liqueur, mint, green, chocolate… sounds magical.


Beer! An estimated 13 million pints of Guinness will be consumed on St. Patrick’s Day. Stouts are diverse in color and flavor; there is likely a local brew near you. Check Buzzfeed’s list of 8 Delicious Beers to Drink on St. Patrick’s Day.

Try these recipes (or your own favorites) to plan a St. Patrick’s Day menu for a delicious dinner at home with friends or your family. “Play with Your Food!TM