January 12 is “Curried Chicken Day” – Recipe for Curry/Coconut Chicken

January 12 is “Curried Chicken Day” – here’s a popular recipe from our “Only Chicken Breasts: Tastes Like (Great) Chicken” interactive cookbook: Curry/Coconut Chicken Breasts. Curried chicken is popular around the world – Food Network has 59 recipes alone (as of this post)! Add these unique ingredients to your next shopping list so you’re prepared

National Champagne Day is December 31 – Are You Prepared?

Every New Year’s Eve day is “National Champagne Day.” Makes perfect sense to us. Are you prepared? Do you know what bottle to pick up for your festivities? Do you know the variety of locations your bottle may originate from and the resulting difference in flavor profiles? Don’t know where to start? Well, champagne is

2013 Must Eat Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays and we’re already counting down to Thanksgiving 2014 (it’s 348 days from today, by the way). While we’ve got a few thousand of our own specialty Entree Press recipes we like to share (check us out on Twitter and Facebook), we set them aside at Thanksgiving and reach


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