Mother’s Day Menu – Easy Recipes for Dad or the Family to Treat Mom

Mother’s Day Menu – Easy Recipes for Dad or the Family to Treat Mom

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Spring flowers for Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day weekend – how can you treat her well? A phone call, if she’s not nearby. Flowers, if that’s her thing. A homemade card (from the kids or Dad) is always touching. There are countless ways to say “thank you” to Mom on Mother’s Day or any day. We do it with FOOD!

This Mother’s Day brunch menu is a collection of some delicious and easy recipes for you and your family to make for Mom this weekend. Let her sleep in and take a break.

Main Course

People are intimidated by quiche and we can’t figure out why. Sure, they’re delicate and take a bit of time, but it’s simple! This Mushroom and Fontina Quiche from Bon Appétit doesn’t get any better. We like the exotic mushrooms, but if you can’t find them in your market, opt for cremini or portabello mushrooms. Don’t forget the nutmeg! Nutmeg is wonderful with earthy mushrooms and cream-based dishes. As for the Fontina: we like Boar’s Head (if you can find it!).


We tried this Minted Fruit Salad from Chef Mary Nolan during Easter brunch this year. The table was delighted as they tried to determine the green herb. Mom will love to nibble away while reading, watching television or lounging in the bathtub. Chill remaining fruit and use in smoothies, sorbet or frozen fruit bars.


Skip the muffins and try these Buttermilk Biscuits from Smitten Kitchen. The aroma will surely lure Mom from her slumber. Prepare while the quiche is in the oven and bake once the quiche comes out to rest. Pick up a jar of local preserves (if you can) or something premium from the market. After all, it is for Mom.


Bellini’s! Get creative with this cocktail – try these two, depending on what flavors the Mom in your family prefers.

We like Moët & Chandon – a dry champagne at a good price. Chill the glass before pouring – these beverages are best when served ice cold.


While these recipes are simple, you’ve worked hard enough – pick up something sweet from your farmer’s market or local bakery that Mom can nibble on for the rest of the week. Think chocolate cake, cupcake medley, chocolates… or gummy candy. Whatever sweet Mom loves (almost as much as her family).

Last Tip! If flowers are part of your Mother’s Day experience, make sure they’re not too floral – strong aromas from flowers can overpower a meal.

Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours from all of us at Entrée Press!