My hobby over the years has been collecting and cooking recipes, with a focus on the unusual, the outlandish and the novel. Early on, I found that I derived more satisfaction from experimentation than with following the “cook-by-numbers” method.

Substituting ingredients, altering ingredient amounts, changing cooking methods—it has all become a happy obsession. Some basic kitchen and grilling equipment, a well-stocked pantry and a vivid imagination can result in stellar cuisine.

As a result of this on-going experimentation, I have become a better cook, I have a lot more fun in the kitchen, and my palate has become much more refined. I believe that you too can achieve these same benefits by embracing an adventurous attitude. These recipes should be seen as the jumping-off point of your great adventure.

Explore, experiment, be bold and find inspiration in the subtle and the obvious. Cooking, as is life, is a journey whose path can be both sweet and savory and whose destination is satisfaction. When you pour your heart and soul into cooking, the rewards are immense.

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Our mission at Entrée Press is to assist you in finding your own cooking style by encouraging experimentation and improvisation. The cookbooks provide the information that will guide you on your journey, and we know that along the way you will have more fun in the kitchen, will become a better cook, will develop your palate, and will wow your family and friends. Enjoy the journey.